Why I choose to work at Pinsent Masons

Hollie & Children
May 5, 2023

You may think it’s not everyday someone is looking for a flexible, challenging and rewarding career whilst raising two young children, but you’re probably wrong. With more parents choosing to work flexibly (following the pandemic), it’s only right that the dial on flexibility, diversity and inclusion is shifted, however, finding that flexibility can still be a challenge.

A few months ago, I was privileged to receive two offers. One from a big four firm and the other from Pinsent Masons. So why did I choose Pinsent Masons?

The interview process was similar, but what stood out at Pinsent Masons was the people. The culture. We discussed flexibility and real-life examples were shared, this wasn’t lip service, it was genuine. I knew straight away that I could discuss my flexible working needs, without it having a detrimental impact.

I work compressed hours over four days and work between home and the office when needed. But as any working mum knows, motherhood can be unpredictable. During my second week, I had a call from nursery to collect my daughter as she was unwell. The following day she spent at home resting, watching TV, which meant I could carry on working. But as you can guess, as soon as that one video call started, she came into the office and popped her head up. Strangely, I wasn’t mortified, even though I’d only been at the company 9 days! It felt acceptable, that there was a mutual understanding that ‘life’ happens. Which is testament to how these values are lived amongst the firm. There’s also a carers policy, which is up to five days a year paid leave for caring responsibilities – great to have in your back pocket for the unexpected, when little ones are unwell or caring for ageing parents. Ultimately, I’m trusted. I’m happy. And there hasn’t been another cameo…. yet.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by strong female role models and kudos to Clare Vasey for nurturing the culture within the wider teams, and for such a positive experience

The future of work is the right balance of flexibility and collaboration, which still delivers exceptional outcomes. Pinsent Masons is somewhere where you’re valued on output, not on how many hours you spend at your desk.

With the six weeks summer holidays just around the corner and around two thirds of mums lacking summer childcare, it’s food for thought

I’m just one of many examples of how we work smarter. From our people to our clients, trust is vital to everything we do. Spending time to focus on what’s important to you.

That’s why I’m starting the ‘blog baton’, sharing a wide range of experiences and insights into life at Pinsent Masons. I’ll be passing the baton to my colleague Joanna Donnelly who is a Senior Associate in the Planning and Environment and Energy and Infrastructure team. Keep an eye out for her blog!

In the meantime, if you’re curious to find out more, send me a message on LinkedIn. Or take a look at our careers site: Careers (pinsentmasons.com), and shape a future that’s right for you.

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