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February 2, 2021

It is a universal truth that humans are hopeless at marketing themselves.

It might be hard to believe, but we regularly hear from highly respected business leaders who struggle to write even a few lines of their own bios, blaming imposter syndrome and lack of clarity. It is so much easier for a stranger to appraise your skills and attributes more fairly than you, by virtue of being detached emotionally.

You have six seconds to make an impact

Before you write your CV or cover letter, you have to take time to consider, why am I of value and interest to this hiring manager? And that can be a scary question! You might feel so self-critical that you can’t see your own worth. Putting it down on paper feels near enough impossible. If you don’t set out your stall clearly, the company certainly isn’t going to spend time trying to drag it out of you. This is not the time to be modest.

That’s where a CV writing service comes in: to take away the ‘cringe factor’ and position you in the most favourable light. Crafted with a technical understanding of how hiring processes work, through a lens of detachment and positivity, professionally written CVs shine out like a beacon in a pile of average resumes.

Hiring managers take on average six seconds to decide whether the person they are looking at will make it into the Yes, No, or Maybe pile of applicants. They either understand what you are offering in a heartbeat, or they are left wondering why that person has applied. If a hiring manager has to try to work who you are and what you offer, they’ll no doubt file your CV. In the bin.

CV writing is an art and a science

There’s a logical CV format that has to be followed, so that it makes sense to both the ATS or AI filtering the first round and the human hiring manager in the second round. If it isn’t packaged up neatly, rather like a present that has been messily wrapped, they won’t feel compelled to open it and find out more. It’s also critical that the CV is tailored to the specific job and uses the key words set out in the job description. Yes, you do have to create a new CV for every new job application. If you have an excellent baseline, it’s easier to tweak it to fit.

Let us take care of your CV

CVs@2to3days is an expert CV writing service, reasonably priced

We know there are plenty of budget CV writing services that claim to give you a fabulous bespoke CV or cover letter for pennies. But if your writer is churning out generic CVs by the bucketload, or doesn’t understand your demographic, or target market, they simply can’t provide you with a product that will get you noticed.

At the other end of the spectrum are the fully bespoke, top end, 1:1 CV writing services which are undeniably excellent but with a price tag hovering around the £1000 mark they aren’t achievable for everyone. 

We wanted to take care of all the women out there who need an excellent service that’s reasonably priced.  That’s why we’ve devised an online framework which helps you provide the bulk of the detail (target roles, specific technical skills, role by role achievements, the job description and so on). We take this excellent material and create a high quality CV and / or cover letter and / or LinkedIn profile to suit. We’ll check in with you in person too and ensure the final product is brilliant. 

The before and after

Take 'Delivered products to customers aligned with business KPIs' and update it to 'Professional achievement: redefined e-commerce supply chain and standardised sales, operations and inventory management processes to deliver orders to consumers and retailers including Tesco, Walmart, Alibaba and Amazon.' You see what we mean.

LinkedIn vs CVs

A hiring manager typically reads your CV then clicks through to your LinkedIn profile if it has piqued their interest. It’s important not to give them duplicate information. Consider your CV as showing what you have done, and your LinkedIn profile showing them what’s ahead, what you want to do. If you’ve grabbed their attention, here’s your chance to show a little more colour. Don’t waste a golden opportunity to fill in the picture. We offer packages that include LinkedIn profile writing as well as cover letter writing services.

Consider the ROI of a CV writing service

If you’re pitching for a £50k job, spending a few hundred pounds on your CV and LinkedIn represents a tiny fraction of your potential future earnings. If the rejections are coming in, your confidence can quickly vanish, leaving you feeling demoralised. With an expert CV to hand, you can be positive that your profile will shine out to the hiring manager like a lighthouse in a pile of also-rans. 

This way to the interview

Your personal marketing materials - your CV, LinkedIn profile and covering letter are the ‘why’ you want the job and the ‘what’ you can bring to the table. The ‘how’ is what happens in the interview. 

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