Conquering menopause-related confidence in a new job

Menopause at work
March 28, 2023

Congratulations! You’ve got a new job. But what if the excitement is starting to give way to worry? Starting a new job is nerve-racking at the best of times. However, when you are managing a myriad of menopause symptoms it can make that time even more stressful. 

Battling with hot flushes, anxious feelings or operating on a lack of sleep whilst trying to make a lasting first impression can be really tough. Here are some tips from Stella on how to feel more confident going into your new role.

Nerves are normal!

Firstly, try not to confuse all new job nerves with menopause symptoms. Everyone experiences a certain amount of anxiety when they start a new role and it’s completely natural to feel that way. Waves of anxiety and stress as a result of menopause can intensify these feelings so take the time to be kind to yourself during these moments. 

Pause and reflect

It's so easy when you start a new role to forget all your achievements from previous positions. When you are battling with menopause symptoms this can lead to feelings of imposter syndrome and an overall sense of low confidence. Look back on your achievements that have led to this moment and remember that you got here on your own merits and capability. 

Take your time

The urge to make a lasting impression during those first few weeks shouldn’t be at the cost of your wellbeing. Make sure that you take the moments that you need, whether that is taking your full lunch break, exercise snacking, or having a pause during the working day to regather. This investment in you will pay off in the long run and help you be a more productive employee.

Find your allies

Increasingly organisations have either a women’s group or a network setup. These forums really provide a space to come together and talk about issues that impact women. Speak to your HR team about joining an existing group and if there isn’t one established, find out how you can get one up and running.

Open up to your line manager

It can be really difficult talking about menopause symptoms to your boss. However, many organisations are now introducing menopause policies. Line managers are becoming increasingly educated and prepared to help women with their symptoms.

Remember that it is in their best interests to look after your wellbeing! If you don’t feel comfortable talking about your symptoms to your line manager then seek out your HR team to talk to.

Be solutions focused

Your menopause experience is unique to you. When you speak to your line manager or HR team, explain what impact your symptoms have on you and what they could do to help you manage them. Be specific about the reasonable adjustments that would support you, whether this is a desk fan, more uniform, access to cold drinks, flexible working or being close to toilet facilities. It may not be possible for your organisation to accommodate all adjustments so be prepared to work together to find workable solutions.

Preparation is key

During times of stress, menopause symptoms can particularly flair up. Starting a new job may trigger these feelings, so make sure that you have your coping strategies in place during this time. 

This may be making sure you have an early night a couple of times a week or attending an exercise class that you enjoy. Making time for these will help your overall wellbeing and how you feel in those first few weeks at work.

Starting a new job can be daunting, especially when you have menopause symptoms to contend with. But with a bit of planning, you can make sure you’re well set for success! 

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