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About us

Volcano Coffee Works & Assembly Coffee is one of London’s leading small batch coffee roasters.  We are predominately a wholesale business, supplying some of London’s top restaurants and cafes. We believe in environmentally sustainable and ethically traded coffee, and work with partners all over the world who actively engage community-based improvements. Our ethical trading principles ensure that our successes benefit the entire supply chain and beyond, from direct initiatives at origin to local communities here in the UK. We believe that coffee is a force for good!

Our values

We are coffee enthusiasts, with a passionate for all things coffee, our people and our clients. Our core values underpin not only who we are but also the way that we operate:

  1. Be straight up

Be honest in our interactions and stand for what we believe.

  1. Be invested

Own the final result not just your inputs and invest rather than transact in relationships.

  1. Be fair and fearless

Award opportunity based on merit and seize, seek and create opportunity.