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We’re Full Fat Things. We are passionate about making great software products for amazing brands. We build software and integrate with businesses in a meaningful way. 

We’re known for producing seamless digital experiences that deliver tangible results for our clients. We also have our own product suite that is growing that we wish to invest in.

We count Publishers, TV companies, global financial services companies and charities among our clients.

Based in the UK and 12 years old, we’ve always been a distributed business, right from the very start. We choose where we wish to work. We meet in person regularly in different cities for co-working days and fun evenings.

Our values

  • We constantly shape the company we want to work in
  • We serve humans, not machines
  • We are here to make others faster
  • We look after each other first, which enables us to deliver world class service
  • We are friendly
  • We speak frankly
  • We ask those who think something is impossible to step aside while we finish
  • We use initiative, and ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  • We take personal responsibility for everyone’s success
  • We seek growth

All of our values start with “We” as we think collaboration grows an individual faster than independent effort.