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BasePower provides energy services that help UK companies operate more profitably and sustainably. Our projects combine low-carbon generation, heat distribution and resilience technologies, all supporting the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy. 

The need to decarbonise is now being felt across UK industry. Retailers seek lower-carbon manufacturing and distribution. Occupiers want zero-carbon occupancy. Landlords need building stock that can take on technology as it evolves. All this needs to be done without raising costs to an unsustainable level.

We develop and operate projects that enable UK-based companies to operate on a profitable, low-carbon basis. We work with manufacturers, distributors and building owners. We start at the portfolio and building strategy level, then combine efficient and renewable power and heat generation with capacity and resilience technologies into energy centres. Projects can be customer- or BasePower-financed, giving carbon and energy savings without any requirement for capital expenditure.

Our current vacancies

£ (Pounds Sterling) 60000 - £ (Pounds Sterling) 75000
BasePower - Head of Commercial/Commercial Manager   About BasePower BasePower is an award-winning company that helps manufacturers and distributors to make step-change reductions in their energy costs and carbon emissions. Our roots are in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Among other…


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