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Bespoke recruitment services

Sometimes posting an advert on our jobs board is not enough to attract and find high calibre female talent, who are either highly sought after or in scarce supply.  We offer 3 bespoke recruitment services: 

  • Our 2to3daysSearch team will work discreetly on your behalf to find hard-to-reach talent

  • Our 2to3daysEmployerBrand package includes a suite of content marketing, social amplification and events to promote your employer brand to the 2to3days community of professional women

  • Tap into our 2to3days++ and leverage our proprietorial first party marketing data that we have built over time to extend the reach  and engagement of your job adverts


When you need to recruit in confidence or seek highly specialised talent in candidate-reduced markets. Our recruitment experts do the heavy-lifting to find the perfect match for your role and your company. 

  • Taps into our networks of c-suite execs and other highly skilled professionals 

  • Extensive research to identify potential candidates 

  • In-depth profiling of candidates’ leadership values and growth behaviours 

No matter the discipline or industry, our team provides a highly confidential, collaborative, and proven research driven solution that allows you to tap into a high-performing, diverse and hard-to-reach talent pool.  

To learn more about 2to3daysSearch and discuss how it could work for your needs, please contact us.


Precision-targeted digital marketing campaigns which leverage 2to3days’ proprietorial data.  You can reach hard-to-engage female jobseeker audiences by job discipline, experience or professional qualification. Our marketing experts set-up and run the campaigns on your behalf.  

  • Further amplify the reach of your job advert (and/or employer brand campaign) by tapping into 2to3days’ proprietorial data and knowledge 

  • Engage with our remarketing audiences via social campaigns 

  • Access our many custom audiences on Google and social platforms, segmented by discipline, industry and more, built using 2to3days first-party data  

To learn more about 2to3days++ and discuss how it could work for your needs, please contact us.