Product Research & Development Manager

Product Research & Development Manager

Moonster Products Ltd
Bracknell RG42 2JT
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Company Profile:

Moonster Handmade Leather is an e-commerce business based in Bracknell, Berkshire.  We exist to create beautiful, rustic, original and quality handmade genuine leather products.  Our brand,, has grown successfully from the ground up and it is now a 7 figure e-commerce company selling worldwide. 

Job Description:

Your role would involve a mixture of product research, competitor analysis on Amazon, working with the Moonster team and freelance designers, liaising with existing or new suppliers to get samples made and approved.

If you don’t have experience with the Amazon platform don’t worry – we will happily train you and it is fairly easy to pick up. This would involve teaching you how to use software that can pull sales and marketing data from Amazon in order to work out what products have the best demand.

Preferred Background/Experience:

This role would suit someone who has experience in Research and Development, and a proven track record of getting new products to market.  Possibly with an educational background in Business.

We would prefer someone who is very creative.  In your Myers Briggs results, this correlates strongly with intuition (N), as well as, to a lesser extent, perceiving (P)

Ideal skills for this role:

Product development experience that includes transferrable skills such as research skills, data analysis, time management, great communication and computer skills.

Payment and Starting Date:

42k to 48k FTE dependent on experience.  Starting date will be ASAP

About our culture:
We have previously recruited successfully from the ‘2to3days community’ and you will enjoy being part of a culture of flexible working relationships that allow our team members to have a great mixture of working from home and time together as a team.  If you’re anything like us, we have learnt in the past 2 years that too many zoom calls are not actually that much fun and occasional face to face time is great for team work and relationship building!

This is a great job opportunity to join a close-knit team on an exciting and growing e-commerce venture.

Company Culture & Core Values:

Integrity – Always aiming to be honest & ethical, whilst creating a positive culture of compassion, respect and encouragement

Reliability – Doing what you say you will do and delivering on time, with excellence and consistency

Taking Initiative – Bringing enterprising & creative solutions to the table, with a spirit of generosity and a good sense of humour

As employers, we are more interested in personal character and team chemistry when it comes to hiring.  We tend to go with our gut feel based on who is the best cultural fit and not necessarily someone who ticks all the ‘competency’ boxes! 

How flexible working works with us:
This role would ideally suit: a stay-at-home parent, an ex-professional parent who doesn’t want to go back to full time work, someone who has had a career break, a recent business graduate or someone looking for part-time work or already working part-time.

Flexible Working from Home: 75% / Coming to Office: 25%

Approximately 15-25 hours per week.  Averaging at least 3-5 hours per day (During Monday to Friday between hours of 9am-5pm – and can be flexible for school hours).  You would ideally live within a 60 minute commute to Bracknell and able to work on a freelance contract.

How we support parents:
The role would work well around school hours, school holidays and with possibility of flexi time during the week.

We are also a dog-friendly home with a hairy Golden-Doodle and we have a dedicated on-site garden office, so we are open to bringing your dog to work if needed 😊

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