Developer (fully work from home and flexible)

Developer (fully work from home and flexible)

Full Fat Things
Birmingham, UK
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70000 FTE
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Are you the curious one? That child that didn’t just ask why, but also how? The kid with the overwhelming desire to break things up to see how they worked?

You’re in great company. And we're growing our team.

We have several opportunities for developers.

The opportunity

Our culture is collaborative – we’re a team first and work hard on building the company we want to work at. We care deeply about maintaining a team of smart people who get things done. We like working with each other. We are flexible by nature and you won't be pushed to attend meetings that you can't make.

We want you to love your work as part of your life, not in spite of it. We focus much more on what you produce than where and when you do it. 

Our development team is growing…obviously…so we are looking for fresh talent. 

Job description

We anticipate you’ll be involved in, or lead, the following activities:

  • Develop on top of open source, mainly in Drupal or Ruby and Ruby on Rails (depending on your skill focus) and the related ecosystem. 
  • Write and design software in a way that parts of it can be open sourced.
  • Use of source control (Git/Github) and actively participate in peer review of your peers' work.
  • Write software that “pulls its own socks up” and doesn’t require manual steps to integrate into production.
  • Work in an iterative agile setting in all phases of the software development cycle from collating requirements through to design, development, testing and releases.
  • Write unit and integration tests.
  • Work with and within Docker, DevOps environments and be involved in the full lifecycle of software from initial idea to long term operation.
  • Take ownership of work to ensure you deliver from start to finish, involving others, where appropriate.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients alike - contributing ideas, feedback and leading initiatives.

Does this sound like you?

You'll have some professional experience of developing. It's a bonus if this is in either Drupal or Ruby and Ruby on Rails. It's more important to us that you have the skills to learn new frameworks, as we'll cross train you. And being friendly. Did we mention we like working with each other?


Our team loves working in a distributed way – we purposefully avoid calling this remote, because we stay connected – which means no commute, more flexibility and a better work-life balance. And we make sure you have the equipment you need to do your job well. No outdated tech or wonky desks for our people!

You'll receive a salary in line with your skills and experience plus a pension to which we contribute 10% of your salary, healthcare and the potential for an annual bonus.

Application process

Submit your CV, along with a cover letter that outlines your current salary and expectations, why you’re right for the role and any links to your open source repos or contributions.

If you're shortlisted, we’ll send you a 50 minute profiling link that will help us assess how you think about things. It has a few software engineering questions and lots of logical reasoning questions for you to ponder.

After that, should we continue, we’ll invite you to a Zoom call to discuss the role and meet some of the team. This is not a formal interview and is much more aimed at helping you feel comfortable with us.

Then we’ll have a more structured interview before an offer.

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