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City CV and 2to3days present "Incredible Interviews"

Thursday, 24 February 2022, 11am-12pm
Zoom video call

Interviews change lives. The stakes are high. On paper, you may tick all the boxes but with a market average of 27 applications to secure just one interview, you must make the most of every opportunity. Internal applications are no different. The best candidates are frequently beaten by more confident, compelling contenders. 

It’s essential to maximise your interview performance to seal the deal – you only have one chance to prove you are the ideal candidate. It’s critical to invest time and effort into perfecting your approach. You are competing against external candidates that have worked hard to get this far – you need to perform at your best with a compelling and confident pitch that leaves the interviewer in no doubt that you will deliver exactly what they need and that they will get a great return on their investment (ROI) in you.

In this one hour session, learn interview tips and strategies from Victoria McLean, a career industry expert, award winning CV writer and coach who has helped over 20,000 candidates secure their dream role. Learn how to:  

  • Get into the mind of recruiters and hirers from the get-go with the perfect pitch
  • Develop a simple technique to answer any and every question
  • Avoid interview clichés
  • Implicitly sell yourself throughout
  • Show don’t tell to prove your competence
  • Build your elevator pitch
  • Be smart: the critical prep you must do 
  • Overcome interview pitfalls
  • How to frame your career break and return to work
  • Live Q&A

The webinar will be delivered by Victoria McLean, CEO of City CV, an award-winning CV writing and interview coaching consultancy, CEO of Hanover Outplacement Solutions, a former Recruitment Manager at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, and a former head-hunter.