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City CV and 2to3days present: "Find Career Fulfilment - Your Dream Role | Career Transitions"

28 April 2022, 11am-12pm
Zoom video call

What is the perfect job for you and how will you ever know? Are you are looking for the next step in your career, increased job satisfaction, a better work-life balance or support in dealing with a transition to a new sector, role or company? Do you need help deciding if you are in the best role for you? Could you be happier elsewhere? Does something not feel quite right?

If you are (or were) frustrated in your current role, it’s time to find a career in which you will flourish, be challenged and fulfilled to maximise your potential. 

City CV and 2to3days are presenting a one-hour live training session to help you find career fulfilment and springboard your career. In this session, Victoria will give you the building blocks to enable you to identify and secure your dream role, including:

  1. How to understand who you are, your values and personal definition of success
  2. How to identify and play to your strengths
  3. Have clarity about what you want and how you want it 
  4. How to recognise roadblocks – understand the hurdles you face and how to overcome them
  5. Establish the ultimate career ingredients for you
  6. Create your recipe with a clear goal for your future career
  7. Next steps - all based on reality and practicality 

The webinar will be delivered by Victoria McLean, Founder and CEO of City CV. Victoria is a former Recruitment Manager for Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, and former head-hunter.