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Welcome to our events page. Here we showcase online and offline events that 2to3days and members of our community are running.  

Some of these events will be in partnership with 2to3days whilst others will be run independently of us. The golden thread that links all these events together is the advancement of women in the workplace through the power of flexible working. 

Over the course of the year we will promote a wide range of topics that we think will be interesting to our community. If you would like 2to3days to host an event with you, or help market it, please contact us to find out more.

Our upcoming events

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Sorry Not Sorry

Tuesday 7 June, 12pm

Many women in the workplace begin practically every sentence with the word ‘sorry’. They say, ‘Sorry, is this a good time?’ ‘Sorry, can I come in?’ ‘Sorry, can I speak?’ The ‘sorrys’ that we sprinkle through our days make us appear less confident and competent. How to talk confidently, and unapologetically, about your achievements in an interview is one of the most common challenges we address in our coaching sessions.

Victoria McLean, Founder and CEO of City CV, will discuss the negative impact the ‘apologising habit’ has on careers and how to break that habit for good.

She will share: • What impact over-apologising has on your career • Why women apologise more than men, especially in the workplace • Top strategies to break the habit

This webinar will show you how you can talk confidently, and unapologetically, to get the balance right.

It's free to attend.