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Company Testimonial


Apparel and Fashion

Location:  London, UK
Company Size: 2-10 Employees
Website: hamiltonandhare.com


”I am able to return to work in a part-time flexible role without taking a step back in my career. I am trusted to manage my workload and meet deadlines whilst working the hours that suit me...I was worried there wouldn’t be any part-time roles at my level in finance but I was proved wrong since registering with 2to3days”

Leanne Phipps
Finance Director, Hamilton & Hare


At a Glance


Finance Director

Number of Applicants:  36
Flexibility: 2 to 3 days a week

Leanne Phipps

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About the company

Hamilton and Hare is a premium men’s underwear and loungewear business, with 3 revenue streams – e-commerce, retail and  wholesale. In 2018 they were named “Brand of Tomorrow” by Walpole, the official sector body for British luxury brands that have captured the industry’s attention. Their ambition is to be a category-leading, international direct-to-consumer brand in the sector.

Business context

Seeing phenomenal business growth (100 % YOY for the past 3 years), this was a new role within the Hamilton & Hare business. “I had previously been using consultants but it was the right time to find someone more permanent and in-house to drive the business forward and free up my time to focus on other aspects.”, says Olivia. Their ideal candidate was someone who wanted to come onboard long-term with the option to increase their hours and grow their role as the business continues to grow.

Candidate quality

Olivia was overwhelmed with the quality of the applications – there were 36 application (our ave. is 12). She believes the role appealed to the 2to3days calibre of mothers, especially due to its autonomy and flexibility. “Leanne is incredibly experienced having worked for several blue-chip retail companies but she wanted to do something different so it was a brilliant match for us.”

Support for highly capable mothers working flexibly

“I’m a working mother myself and have met so many talented, capable mothers but can’t find a flexible role they need to balance their work and home life. In my experience, working mothers are amazingly efficient and hardworking. With today’s technology, working flexibly shouldn’t be an issue – it’s more about attitude and I think employers need to put more trust in their employees.”