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Returners programmes

If you’ve been on a career break for a year or more, playing catch up can feel daunting. That’s why going on a returners programme (sometimes known as a returnship) can be a brilliant way to reignite your career.

Available returners programmes

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What are returners programmes?

Want to know more about what returners programmes are and how they work? Check out our FAQs

Worried about gaps in your CV?

Not sure how to handle your career break on your CV and or LinkedIn profile? Read this blog post

Companies with returners programmes

Sorry, there are no returners programmes currently. 


Returners programme FAQs

Not sure what returners programmes are or how they work? The below should help - and if you want to ask anything else, please do contact us.

Who is eligible to go on a returners programme?

Returners programme have been specifically designed to support people back into the workplace who have taken an extended career break, typically for 2 or more years. The most common reasons for taking a career break are for parenting and caring responsibilities or for health reasons.

Are returners programmes open to both men and women?

Yes, they are. However, the majority of the returners who go on the programmes are women.

What happens on a returners programme?

Each programme will be specific to the organisation running the programme. However, they are all encouraged to provide you with a combination of on the job training, individual and group coaching, mentoring as well as hand on work experience.

Are returners programme full time?

In the past they have been. However and increasingly so especially since Covid19 companies are more open to structuring their programmes to incorporate flexible working so that returners have a longer period to adjust to coming back to work. The nature of the flexible working pattern will vary for each organisation.

Will I get paid whilst on a returners programme?

Yes, you will. All returners are paid, for the duration of their returners programme, at a salary commensurate with the type of role and the seniority of the position.

Will I get a job at the end of a returners programme?

A job at the end of the returners programme is not guaranteed. However, at the end of a returners programme, you will have gained invaluable experience and you may well choose that staying with the company does not fit with your plans.

What returners programmes are available right now?

All current returners programmes are listed higher up on this page, New ones are added regularly, so we encourage you to register on our site so that you can receive email alerts.


A word from a successful candidate

“Having become more and more aware of “returners programmes” I recognised this could be a good way to restart my professional career. I have been on a career break for over ten years and the time was right for me to return to work. I realised that I really wanted to use my skills and experience in the commercial business environment and work with high performing teams again.

"The EY Reconnect programme was advertised on 2to3days at just the right time. It offered an opportunity to return to management consultancy within a supportive framework where I could refresh my skills over a 12 week period. I spent time updating my CV and Linkedin profile and this gave me the confidence that I have a current and valuable skill set even after a long career break.”

Chloe Wilmot, EY Reconnect Career Returner


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