Denise Rossiter

I am proud to support 2to3days in their ambitions to fully transform the workplace, and would have no hesitation in recommending them. They absolutely get it. For all you professional women out there who want flexibility 2to3days is the ideal platform. 

In my role as CEO of Essex Chambers of Commerce, I fully endorse flexible working. It makes absolute sense and it means you can retain good staff.

Why be flexible? Staff do not get stressed, there is a unity and trust that builds from within your organisation, and productivity increases because the commitment is there.

In a fast-moving workplace world, employers can engage with professional women who wish to continue with a career but wish to balance that with everyday life.

I strongly recommend that you look into the values and commitments of 2to3days. Their support network is immense and the range of jobs they advertise is there to suit the professional woman who wants the flexibility to enjoy a career and achieve a work life balance all at the same time.

Essex Chambers of Commerce


Our purpose is to accelerate gender equality in the workplace through the power of flexible working...